Past Client Testimonials

Innovator, collaborator, team-player, and leader are all words that describe Bridgett. She is thoughtful, inclusive, and change and learning agile. She is uniquely skilled at doing the hard things to solve problems while bringing others along to demonstrate what is possible.
Bridgett had led multiple teams-- collaborating to achieve success for the overall team while also highlighting the contributions of individual members. She is a tremendous coach and an avid learner who knows when to pivot or when to stand firm for an idea to achieve the best outcome.
While Bridgett’s professional expertise is in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, she is demonstrably adept at applying her transferable capabilities across multiple industries as evidenced by her commitment to working in other spaces whether through volunteering or simply stepping in the gap when needed.
I know Bridgett as a person of integrity, empathy, and commitment to developing others, and she is generous with her resources. She has an impressive and relatable story that continues to evolve and empower others.
You absolutely want her on your team!   

 — Hannah Fernandez, Managing Partner at ROI Business Funding

I have worked with Bridgett for two years now and find her to be one of the best teammates I have ever worked with. She is a selfless collaborator who works in the best interest of team goals. I have found Bridgett to be a leader and she naturally inspires those around her. Bridgett displays unsurpassed business acumen, is a strategic thinker and a calculated risk-taker. Lastly, Bridgett brings a customer focus and empathy that allows her to truly understand her customers and bring value to them. Bridgett is a pure joy to work with!

– Timothy Hackett , Key Account Manager - Rare Diseases

Bridgett is smart, enthusiastic, dedicated to her work and strives for excellence in everything she does. I worked with Bridgett when we were both Rare Disease Key Account Managers and I have witnessed her commitment to the goal, her passion for the company and most importantly the care for the patients she serves. On top of all of that, she is a fantastic human being who has always been a joy to work with... highest recommendation.

—Randy Aguero , Servant Leader - Mindful Power

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