Upgrade Sales & Consulting Services

Get the help you need to grow your business sustainably and responsibly with UpGrade Sales Consulting LLC.

Sales Strategy & Tactics

Expert guidance on everything from your sales strategy through your operations process so you can get more customers at higher profit margins.

Sales Analysis

We'll assess your current business operations for gaps in performance or missed opportunities

Sales Effectiveness

We'll help you improve your sales funnel's efficiency with proven methods

Sales Operations

We'll show you how to make the most of every opportunity including customer interactions

Sales Enablement

We'll clarify your sales process connecting the dots between operations, marketing, sales, HR, legal, etc...identifying what's working and what's not and how to improve

Sales Coaching

We'll show you how to improve your sales reps performance by leading by example

Sales Leadership

We have extensive experience designing strategies for managers and executives that are looking to develop their team's performance

Selling Skills

If you're looking to hone your own selling skills, we can help with individual coaching sessions

Customer Engagement

We'll show you how to make your customers feel special and increase customer satisfaction

Hiring Insights

Learn more about the hiring process, from building out an effective pipeline to interviewing effectively

Business Coaching

We'll show you how to prioritize different areas of your business to achieve maximum results.

Change Management

If change is difficult, we can help you implement it effectively

Sales Process Improvement

We can help you refine your sales process to increase efficiency and performance

Prioritizing and Goal Setting

We help our clients set priorities and manage their time better so they can focus on what matters most


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My Co-founder referred me to Bridgett and UGSC LLC, and since starting our work together, I've been amazed at how much progress we've made!
Bridgett has been an amazing listener, easy to talk to, and keenly focused on designing the best strategic plan for our project to succeed. I am excited that she's on this journey with us.
Ni'Cole Barnes
Co-founder NiKENNY LLC
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